Best Trading Expert Advisor in 2023

Best Trading Expert Advisor in 2023

Expert Advisors have become very popular in the trading community in recent years. As technology develops, new tech and trade experts are consistently in the process of upgrading their innovation in Expert Advisor. 

An Expert Advisor is an automated bot that collects information from the market and executes trades based on AI (Artificial intelligence). An EA is a completely automated solution for a trader. One just needs to install an EA, connect it to their trading account and MT4 platform, and set the trade parameters. That’s it. Automatically, trades will be executed daily without any physical or mental investment from the trader. 

For the best Expert Advisor of 2022, we have gathered the most popular data in the market. Based on the reviews of hundreds of traders around the world, we were able to list down the best of the best EAs of 2022 here. 

  • Forex Gump
  • Meta Trader (MegaEA)
  • 1000 Pip Climber Expert Advisor
  • Fortnite
  • FXCharge

Forex Gump

Forex Gump is one of the best Expert Advisors in the market. It is applicable to both MT4 and MT5.


  • There are 4 levels of filters. High, Middle, Low and Conservative settings
  • 9/25 currency pairs from M1 to D1 timeframes, unique multi-currency strategy
  • Trade with a $4000 account, or a minimum of $40 on a micro(cent) account
  • Recommended leverage is 1:100 and higher
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Free Support


Mega Trader (MegaEA)

Mega Trader EA is a very popular Expert Advisor in the trading community.


  • Advanced algorithm
  • Minimal risk
  • Your investment is diversified by using multiple accounts
  • The EA will trade with the steady and most liquid currency pair by analyzing market conditions to guarantee consistent profit
  • Execute trades at the most volatile hours of the day 
  • Zero profit share
  • Easy to use and one-time setup
  • The option to select a pair
  • Freedom to choose a risk strategy
  • A combination of Grid, Hedging, and Candlestick Pattern
  • Effective on any account balance between $500 and $100,000.
  • Hassle-free & Effortless Trading
  • Compatible with most brokers
  • 24/5 Trading Operation
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support


1000 Pip Climber Expert Advisor

1000 Pips Climbers EA is a very stable and sure-profit kind of Expert Advisor because it does not promise any unrealistic results but practical ones.


  • Supports 6 currency pairs at 3 different time frames each
  • No quick trades, but designed for promising long-term trades
  • The currency pairs are: EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF and EURJPY
  • Timeframes used: M15, H1 and H4 charts



  • The closing part of the trade at Take Profit 1 and Take Profit 2.
  • Move the stop loss to breakeven and then to a profit 1. to minimize potential losses and hedge profits
  • The trailing stop with corresponding steps is always tightened when a step is reached in order to reduce the loss rate. In the profit area, the profit is automatically hedged.
  • Set the trading times. When should the EA execute a trade? You can set this for several days with different start and stop times. Orders are only placed at the permitted time.

Fortnite Expert Advisor

Verified by the world’s most popular broker, FX Blue, Fortnite Expert Advisor is highly recommended for traders who know very little about trading but want to profit.


  • A trend and hedge combination with risk settings of high/middle/low
  • It is most effective on the EURCHF pair in the H1 timeframe.
  • Fully automated: The indicator looks at the market and finds divergences and convergences by using the author’s algorithm.
  • Easy to Use: We have created an Expert Advisor that is easy to use—put it on the quote chart, enable automatic settings, and make a profit.
  • You can trade with a $1000 account or a minimum of $10 on a cent account.
  • Recommended leverage is 1:100 and higher.
  • 24/7 support services.


FXCharge Expert Advisor

Applicable to both MT4 and MT5, FXCharge Expert Advisor is compatible with any broker.


  • Trade every day.
  • Intellectual Stoploss and Takeprofit
  • Settings for novices and pro traders
  • It works well with any broker.
  • FXCharger Basic works only on the EURUSD currency pair.
  • FXCharger MAX supports three currency pairs: EURUSD, AUDUSD, and EURGBP.
  • The takeprofit of each order is always unique, and the EA adjusts it to the current situation in the market.
  • Orders are closed within 1-4 days.
  • Your trading account is secure even if your internet connection goes down or your MT4/MT5 terminal shuts down. 


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